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Is there like a thing on subeta that doens’t let you log into two accounts at once? 

Opened another browser to get a new account to transfer a pet to and on all my browsers it says down…

posted Mar 25, 2013 @ 18:57
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    Okedokey. I just gotta find someone to buy from, apparently a gold account 1 week token thing gives 5 pet slots? for...
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    ooh, sorry. you can ignore that comparison then. what i mean, is you can get like.. as many pet slots as you want...
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    That’s good. Once you get into it, Subeta is really easy to make money on, more easy than it is on Neopets, in my...
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    Why such a negative attitude? “Bite my ass” I mean… really…? Ugh. Anyway, if you purchase a Gold Account (a 1 week...
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